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Child Abuse

GOD CARES ABOUT CHILDREN Samuel 3:1-19 God speaks to children…This shows the value of children in God’s eyes. Matthew 19:14 & 15 Jesus spoke of the children. He laid His hands upon them. Jesus touched children. Children have rights: Rights to – Shelter Food Clothing Education To be loved Live free from fear To be safe Not to be violated Physical Abuse – Adult/older child hurts child’s body; hitting, burning, shaking. Emotional Abuse & Verbal Abuse – Adult/older child hurts child by saying things that makes the child feel bad about him or herself. Calling names etc.   Physical Neglect – When child is not taken care of. Not feeding or clothing child. Child is in an unsafe situation – not taken to Dr. etc.  How to react when a child wants to talk about ABUSE...!!  Good Practice for our Children’s Workers/Volunteers....  Situations When Children Need To Say “NO”..... A Sexual Abuse Prevention Program can contribute to the spiritual development of children.   How to Help a Child Victim of Child Abuse INFORMATION SHEET ON CHILD ABUSE Child sexual abuse is defined as sexual contact with a child through force or trickery. This includes obscene phone calls, fondling, intercourse, anal or oral sex, prostitution, and pornography. Incestuous parents may love their children but put their sexual/intimacy needs before the needs of their children. Sometimes this is because of a crisis period in their lives or because boundaries in the family are confused or unclear. Child Abuse occurs every 2 minutes. (Women are raped every 2 minutes) The average victim of child sexual abuse is between 8 and 11 years old. Some experts estimate that 5 or 6 children in a typical classroom of 30 have been affected by sexual abuse, regardless of geographic area, race or socioeconomic class. 1 out of every 3 little girls are sexually molested before the age of 18. 1 out of every 6 little boys are sexually molested before the age of 18. A child molested male can at a later time question his own sexuality. Men are responsible for 90-97% of abuse cases reported. Between 60-90 % of victims of child sexual abuse are girls. Offenders are not usually strangers to children – 70 to 80 % of offenders are known to the children. Half of child victims are molested in their own home or in the offender’s home. Heterosexual males present greater risk to boys and girls than homosexual males. The average length of an incestuous relationship is 3 years. It is rarely a one-time occurrence. The victim may cope in many ways; by being withdrawn, delinquent, or an overachiever in school. Victims of sexual abuse are typically not as involved with their peers as other children. The Christian community is not immune from this problem. Look at Sunday School and Children’s ministries. Churches are bringing isolation by not exposing the crime. (no disclosure brought) Pastors/Leaders don’t want to believe that this is really happening. Denial and lack of confidence, inability to give proper counsel or help to the child and child’s family plagues the church. (Mark 9:37)
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