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Rev. Mary

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Reverand Mary, an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Christ and a Certified Crime Victim Advocate, Certified Child Advocate and Certified Biblical Counselor, first began her ministry to women in 1994 as a contributing writer in a New York City Christian paper called "The Love Express". She wrote this column from her heart and in her everyday language she was able to reach many women and their issues.

After many years of reaching women through the printed word, she decided to expand her vision to abused and hurting women. On April 17 1998 she birthed her radio show "Women of Substance" on WTHE gospel radio. Her goal was to let women know who were going through the trials and tribulation of life, that other woman who have gone through similar situations, made it through them. Mary, herself a victim of spousal abuse by her ex-husband, started her very first show with her own story. The response was phenomenal and Mary knew then that is what she had been called to do. Not only was she a "natural" on the air but also she saw such a tremendous need among the women she reached. Little did she know at that time, where this was going to lead her.

On September 12th 1998 she was led from radio to television. With a crew of friends and relatives she started Women of Substance television on public access cable. She felt she wanted to reach as many women as she could on Long Island to make them whole and productive as she had become despite their situation at present. By the end of the year she was on cable TV from The New York City border to Montauk. Her theme once again was the betterment of women. Spotlighting those who have been through all types of life's hardships, from spousal abuse, alcoholism, and loss of a child, to cancer, drug abuse and children with learning disabilities, she showed that women could be victorious. Still there was more on the horizon.

Throughout this time invitation started coming in to educate women in the community. So Mary then began to speak at different women's organizations as a well as churches and women's ministries. By sharing her own story of severe physical and emotional abuse and being very transparent, many began to reach out.

So in early 1999, she began to see reaction from her column, her television show and speaking engagements whenever domestic violence was the subject. She had received hundreds of phone calls from women who had never reached out before. Once again Mary saw a need. She surrounded herself with women in the social work and domestic violence field, enlisting the aide of several women with Psychology and Psychiatric degrees who would be willing to give their time to council abused women, she set out to open a "Safe house" for domestic violence on Long Island. After becoming a federally tax-exempt 501c3 corporation she received the aide of a grant writer who is seeking funding to help in this endeavor.

Many who were on Rev. Mary's radio and television shows were outstanding and courageous women whose work and stories were never seen until their appearance on the TV. She wanted to highlight women more than one show could possibly attain. With the suggestion of one of her trustees, The Woman of the Year Award's Banquet was born. Using her extensive experience and background as a Public Relations Director and Event Coordinator on Long Island, she set out to do the impossible. Working mainly on her own, for five years in a row she has set up a gala banquets to honor over hundreds of women who were nominated for the awards. This banquet, to honor those women, helps support Women of Substance and makes helping women on Long Island and throughout the nation a reality.

Even though Mary has suffered greatly through the pain of physical and emotional abuse, and it has taken her years to recover, she has survived to give back. There were times when she thought "I will not make it" but by God's grace she is with us and works today so that others may have the chance she didn't. She slipped through the cracks of the system. There was no advocacy, the police did not help and a safe or shelter house was not offered. She lived in fear of her life for 3 years and now believes it's her turn to give. “Woman of Substance”, & Rev. Mary hopes that all of you will get to see her vision for women to be made whole and to be brought out from the horrible situation of domestic violence and all forms of abuse to live happy and successful lives.

Rev. Mary can be heard every Sunday morning at 9:30 on WGBB 1240 am radio.  Pastor Mary is connected to all social media such as:

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