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Every 10 sec. a child abuse report is made!

If a child you know is hurting call


1-866-862-2873   to report Child Abuse!
Find The Children Int'l is an organization to help find children all over the world through a national clearing house of support, website links, information sources, Safety Programs, Amber Alerts, facts, pictures and descriptions, suspect information, finger printing, posters, etc. and is a subsidiary of

Women of Substance DV and Child Abuse non-profit organization.


Join with another program of WOS called "Find The Children International" as we work with agencies to help missing & kidnapped children all over the world. Children need our help. 

Please go to our facebook page called Find The Children International and hit the "LIKE" button (also please become a friend) and you will then get information about missing children through the Amber Alert, Interpol, Europol, Missing & Exploited Children, Megan's Law, ICE, etc.

Help us help them! Thank You!

Rev. Mary is available to speak and do workshops to protect children!

For More Info Call...631-321-1233


More of what WOS does

DV & Child Abuse,  Crisis Intervvention Hotline

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention,  Youth Intervention Workshops

Identifying and Defining Abuse,  Teaching Leadership on DV and Child Abuuse

Animal Abuse, plus publications such as

"Parents Guide to Protecting Children From Pedophiles"


as well programming called "Let's Talk" with Rev. Mary 

"Where Religion and Politics Come Together"  Check out Rev. Mary's website  



There appears to be an "hidden epidemic" of this phenomena going on today in America and I daresay it is world wide. While it does affect the parent who is estranged no matter what their sex, there is evidence that it is happening to mothers more than fathers.

Parents of adult children who have disowned them are suffering horribly and in as much need of support as those whose children who have unfortunately died.

Feeling helpless, scared, confused, angry, humiliated, guilty — and living under a dark cloud of fear, dread, despair and sorrow – everything from their health, to their relationships, to their work and sense of purpose for living were all profoundly affected.

One of the most painful things that a family can go through other than losing a child to death, is for that child to become an adult and then disown and estrange themselves from their parents. They may do this to one parent or both parents. Regardless of whether it is both parents or just one, the results for the estranged parent (parents) is a devastation that is so severe, it affects almost every facet of their lives.

There are as many reasons why estranged adult children cut off their parents as there are grains of sand in the ocean. The list is endless, some of it is justified and most of it is not. 


1- COMPLETE BEWILDERMENT: he/she can't mean it! We have a nice family.
2- SADNESS:  My heart is shattered; rejection is worse than death.
3- GUILT:  I should not have said...I should not have done...I should have said...I should have done.
4- THE FIX-IT SEARCH:  Let's call; email; meet; see a therapist; read books; look online; apologize for whatever. ...
5- ANGER:  How can he/she do this to us? Not allow us to see our grandchildren?
6- ACCEPTANCE:   It's not us, it's them; we did not do anything; we tried everything to fix this. there is nothing more we can do.
7- RECONCILIATION:  Our's is rather like a "semi-reconciliation" since our adult child does not explain nor apologize; we do not know what we did wrong, maybe it will happen again; it's like walking on eggshells all the time while ignoring the 800 lb gorilla in the room.